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create md5

Review of the MD5 algorithm

Encrypt and decrypt the MD5 hash code

Sometimes it happens that you do not remember the code to the front door, and standing there, waiting for that one memory is better than yours. They say the best memory of the scientists. They still remembering the days when they were for new knowledge burned with a hot iron heel. So they came up with such a terrible thing as MD5 decryption. And the most interesting before they managed it and even encrypt!


MD5 what is it?

MD5 is one of hash algorithms 128-bit basis. By hashing the input conversion understood by a particular algorithm to a bit string of a certain length. At the same time resulting in the result of the calculation is represented in hexadecimal. It’s called a hash, or hash sum hash code.

Hashing process is widely used in programming and web industry. Basically, to create unique values in an associative array identifiers.

Scope of hashes:

  • Storing passwords in the databases of security data
  • In the framework of modern cryptography to create a line of unique keys
  • Creation of electronic signatures
  • Verification of authenticity and integrity of the computer file system elements

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