Service provides services for decrypting hash to order quickly and not expensive!

Order example: md5 hash itself 1a1dc91c907325c69271ddf0c944bc72

The minimum order price of $ 1.

For free orders there is a section free decryption hash

It will be a long time, but it’s free!

Remember what you put above your price the more capacity will be allocated to it and faster order run!

When ordering, specify the hash algorithm, if in doubt then open the main page of the site, there are examples of password hashing algorithms. If still can not find a suitable algorithm, then write the former NOT
The hash field point search your hash
In the specify the execution cost order
In the Contacts box, specify how to contact you
In the field of payment specify the payment method on your part

Please remember that all actions in this resource are made solely in order to restore your data.

Payment is only made after the order and receive the desired password from a hash!

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