"> Repair or crack the password of windows account.

Restore\reset the password of windows account.

Export of hashes of system files and sam system.

Before we can recover the password of your account windows, we need to first extract the encrypted hashes of these passwords. To remove the password, we need sam system files and system. Typically, they are located in the directory %windir%/system32/config/

Remove the hashes can be in many ways, for example to make it even while running or copy files to boot from any bootable diska.My consider the way while running. For this, we will set the following programs:

Download the program data currently on your hard drive. Briefly describe the different methods:

Brief description of the program PwDump.

Unfortunately, it is determined by many anti-virus programs as a hack tool“. Do not worry, because it is in fact the product. It all depends on how you use it 🙂If you need the source code, you can download on the official. site. Remove programs for example in the root directory and run the file start.bat an administrator, go to the program directory. You can for example open a command line (CMD.EXE) with Administrator rights. Once you’ve logged into the directory program, write or paste the following textPwDump -x localhost > hash.txt” Where -x option indicates the capacity of your system (64).If your OS is not a 64 bit, you can perform simple command “PwDump localhost > hash.txt”.If you want to know the other team, then type the command “PwDump –help” In file hash.txt бwill be your desired hashes. These hashes transmit to us to decipher and eventually you will get your password.

A brief description of the work to Ophcrack programk

We save to your hard drive install. Before starting the program by right mouse clicking (RMB), select “From an administrator.” Then click on the point “LOAD” and select the appropriate option to us. If we want to have with the system is turned on from the current PC to remove hashes, we will approach two options:

  1. Local SAM with samdump2
  2. Local SAM with pwdump6
  3. PWDUMP file
  4. Session file.

In the first and in the second case the program will autorun. In the third and the fourth case, you need a little extra action, namely cooperation with the program fgdump.

Brief description of the program fgdump

We save to your hard drive, extract the archive and enters the directory fgdump program. After clicking on the icon, right-click the program fgdump choose “From an administrator.” On the screen for some time appear black dialog box, when it will disappear in a directory fgdump will have new file, for example:, 2016-02-03-22-57-27.fgdump-log.

And now the program in the way ophcrack 3 and 4, we specify file and on the screen we will show the new data :

Ophcrack ntlm

Hash algorithms passwords in windows environment.

Operating systems to windows xp and below passwords hashed using LM hash. Even in systems windows vista, windows 7, windows 8, windows 10 —  LM hash is supported for backward compatibility, but is disabled by default. The latest systems use NTLM and it supports a password longer than 14 characters.

Example LM hash :

Example NTLM hash :
Administrator:500:NO PASSWORD*********************:0CB6948805F797BF2A82807973B89537:::

The first field is the username. The second field is a unique security identifier for the user. The third field is the LM hash and the fourth is the NTLM hash. Sometimes, when a user’s name is displayed “kryakozyabry”, do not panic! This account name were written in Cyrillic user.

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To date, this is the end. There are of course many more ways to extract hashes from sam file from memory. Description of password cracking windows and so on. I think the methods described above for the first time will suffice.