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Wholesale Corrugated Hose Product Description Stainless steel corrugated pipe is a type of tube with corrugations that allow the pipes to be bent and change direction of flow without having to make more connections through welding. This allows for no leak through the bends. The SS corrugated flexible hose suppliers produce the pipes in different sizes and pressure capacities. Yowin is a manufacturer and supplier of stainless corrugated tube in different standards and sizes. We supply the tubes in all sizes including the corrugated stainless tubing 2 Inch and other. These pipes could be coated in different colors and coats for use in different applications. The stainless steel corrugated pipe is used to transport gases without leakages in longer pipe systems. The SS corrugated flexible hose for gas has very low number of connections if any. The stainless corrugated tube for water have different standards and different material grades are involved as well. The dimensions of the corrugated stainless tubing are determined by the application type, pressure, heat and the material passed through the pipes as well. There are corrugated SS tubing Heat Exchanger pipes and the corrugated stainless steel tubing which are some of the common use cases for corrugated pipes. We supply these pipes in different sizes such as the 3/4 Corrugated SS Pipe. Our corrugated SS tubing is reliable and long lasting under heavy stress environments. You can contact us for further details about the material grades, dimensions and pricing of various products. Wholesale Corrugated Hose website:http://www.yowinpipe.com/corrugated-hose/