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gwinbleed спросил 6 лет назад


За найденный пароль заплачу 10 Биткойнов!

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hash Админ. ответил 6 лет назад

Данный хеш был еще отправлен нам в августе месяце 2017 года на обработку.
This hash was sent to us in August of 2017 for processing.

Geoffrey Salkauskas ответил 5 лет назад

Hi guys

I thought you may be interest in the Ivy’s B2B Leads Generator which is basically a software that can scrape UK and USA Yellow Pages according to keywords.

So, for example, if you are a jeweller and are looking to scrape the contact details of all the jewellery stores in the UK, you can search every region in the UK for «jewellery stores».

The software will then scrape and export the contact details to an Excel file, including business name, email, website, contact telephone number, address and more.

For the sake of brevity, I want to keep this email very simple. You can read more about and download the software at