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Tan Delta Tester supplier Brief Introduction This transformer tan delta tester mainly used to measure electrical loss tangent () and capacitance of various high voltage electrical equipments on power plants, substations etc. . This device is fully automatic, 12 kV capacitance and dissipation factor test set design. The entire test is done automatically and quickly. It鈥檚 with digital notch filter to avoid the interference of the power frequency electric field to the test. Features 1.With a high-end full touch LCD screen 2.Equipped with a calendar chip and large capacity memory 3.With Multiple test modes,positive connection method and reverse connection method, self excitation method, etc . 4.It can test full sealed CVT dielectric loss and capacitance,the CVT ratio and voltage angle difference. 5.Available to measure dielectric loss and capacitance of CVT without dismantling the CVT high voltage lead. 6.Fully digital control, the output voltage is adjustable continuously. 7.With many protection measures, such as output short circuit, over voltage, over current protection etc. Hot tags: Transformer Dielectric loss tester, Transformer Capacitance & Tan Delta Tester, dissipation loss factor tester Technical Specification 1Use conditions-15鈩冣埥40鈩?/p>RH锛?0% 2Anti-interferenceFrequency conversion 3PowerAC 220V卤10%Allowable generator 4High output0.5KV鈭?0KVEvery 0.1kV Precision2% Maximum current 200mA Capacity2000VA 5Self-excited powerAC 0V鈭?0V/15A45HZ/55HZ 47.5HZ/52.5HZ 55HZ/65HZ 57.5HZ/62.5HZ Automatic double frequency 6Resolving powertg未: 0.001%Cx: 0.001pF 7Precision鈻硉g未:卤(Reading*1.0%+0.040%) 鈻矯 x :卤(Reading*1.0%+1.00PF) 8measuring rangetg未Unlimited C x15pF 锛?Cx 锛?300nF 10KVCx 锛?60 nF 5KVCx 锛?150 nF 1KVCx 锛?300 nF CVT testCx 锛?300 nF 9CVT range10鈭?0000 accuracy0.1% Resolving power0.01 10Exterior dimension350锛圠锛壝?70锛圵锛壝?70锛圚锛?/p> 11Memory sizeThe 200 group supports U disk data storage 12Weight28 Kg Packing List SNDesignationQTY.Picture 1Host computer1 unit 2Accessory case1 pc 3Red HV test wire1 pc 4Black LV test wire1 pc 5AC220V power cord1 pc 6CVT self-excited power cord (attached)1 pc 7Ground wire1 pc 8Operation Instruction1 copy 9Certificate of Conformity1 copy 10Fuse, printer paperSpare Product Service process We strictly implement the concept of «customer-centric, integrity in business world» to provide customers with high-quality pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales services! 1. Dear customers, no matter what you need, as long as you contact us, we will do the rest! 2. Our customer service staff will provide you with professional product consultation and technical answers. 3. Understand your demands, establish product service records, and negotiate with you to determine after-sales service methods 4. If necessary, we will arrange professional technical engineers to provide you with video, telephone contact, and on-site debugging services in the way agreed with you! 5. The engineer will explain to you the working principle and test operation steps of the product in detail. 6. The engineer will guide you on-site,video to complete the entire test process, and give professional answers to your technical questions. 7. The engineer will also conduct a comprehensive inspection for the product you purchased, and solve it if there is a fault. 8. After the service is completed, please provide valuable comments or suggestions on our service, and the service information will be synchronized to the after-sales service center. 9. The after-sales service center will actively follow up the service progress and regularly follow up the return visits. Cooperated customers Out products are sold to Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America and Oceania, Middle East, etc.and are well received by customers. Company Profile Wuhan Goldhome Hipot Electrical Co.,ltd is and ISO certified factory with nearly 20 years experience in R&D, produce and marketing high voltage test equipment. Main products included AC/DC hipot tester, transformer testing device, CT/PT analyzer , Circuit breaker tester, insulation resistance tester set , earth continuity tester, protection relay tester as well as transformer oil testing equipment . Goldhome HIpot insist on providing customers with first-class products and first-class services with reliable product quality and perfect service team.Tan Delta Tester supplier website:http://www.hvcablehipot.com/transformer-tester/tan-delta-tester/