Slip Roll Machine Free Sample

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Slip Roll Machine Free Sample Product Information The Manual Slip Roller Machine is made of an iron frame, which can release the upper roller quickly. This machine is designed to bend sheet metal into curved panels or cylinders and is small and easy to use. It is designed to sustain years of maximum capacity rolling. Bench mounting these adaptable and small rollers adds to their ease. Besides, it is made specifically for tiny rolling applications. Precision turned, ground, and polished carbon steel rolls, as well as cast iron side frames, are included in this simple-to-use roller machine, which helps assure flawless sheet metal rolling. Features The European design W01-2×610 of the Manual Slip Roller Machine features manual operation and great precision. The European-designed worm gear mechanism of the sliding roller machine W01-2×610 allows for more precise taper adjustment. The crank rod can be readily mounted as a driving shaft on the lower shaft or the rear connecting rod shaft, saving time and energy. The upper roller’s locking construction allows the roller to run smoothly. Three high-strength steel coils are used in this asymmetric coil bending equipment. The top roller, bottom roller, and rear roller are all fixed, although the top roller, bottom roller, and rear roller are all adjustable. Core groove from the standard series. The cam lock is swung across by the top roller. Allow for the bending of the taper. Item No.HR202001HR202002 ModelRM08RM18 Capacity0.8mm/22Ga0.8mm/22Ga Throat depth177mm/7銆?/sup>457mm/18銆?/sup> Paching size锛坈m锛?/p>50脳45脳1673脳27脳14 N.W/G.W锛坘g锛?/p>22/24kg24/26kgSlip Roll Machine Free Sample website: