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RoundPipeDownspoutRollFormingMachineManufacturs Company Profile Wuxi J&R Roll Former Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of roll forming machine, CZ purlin roll former, silo bin forming machine and other similar metal cold roll forming machines. We have a strong team for design and installation. Our machines are mainly used in steel and agricultural structure industries for producing steel C and Z purlins, load-bearing plate of buildings, wall and roof protective structure colorful steel plates, colorful decorating and protecting steel plates for high-grade steel structure residences;Environment industry anode plate and cathode plate lines for removing dust; traffic-transport industry freeway guardrail plates, vehicle roll-forming materials serials such as goods shelf boards and cabinet screen plates. We can also supply all kinds of decoilers (also called uncoilers), levelers, slitting decoilers and cut-to-length shear stackers. We have advanced production equipment and our engineers and technicians have rich experience in designing, developing, and manufacturing machinery. They pay close attention to and keep up with the developing trend of steel forming technology and use new technology in manufacturing roll forming machinery. Our machines works with high efficiency, high flexibility and low cost. Our Product Roll forming machine, Rollfomer, Cold Roll Forming, Sheet Making Machine, Forming machine.RoundPipeDownspoutRollFormingMachineManufacturs website: