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Laser Marking Machine price Equipment features Desktop UV laser marking machine JPT M7 All-aluminum integrated resonator with cooling hole; Field mirror with transmittance up to 99.7% safe &secure controls red dot guidance full color marking conveninet menual focus 2-year wattanty tech support 聽 Main parameter ModelLZ-UV laser marking machine Laser typeUV laser Power Output3W /5W Standard Marking Area110mm x 110mm Marking Speed鈮?000mm/s Wave Length355卤10nm Peak Power锛?12kW Degree of power instability锛?% Repetition Frequency15kHz~20kHz Pulse width6ns ModeNear TEM00 Spot Diameter5mm Cooling SystemAir cooling Temperature10-35掳C Cooling modeAir-cooling/ water-cooling System compatible file formatsWindows XP or 7 32bit/PLT, DXF, DST, BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNA, TIF etc 聽 Application 聽 If you are interested in UV marking machines, please contact me.Laser Marking Machine price website: