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Ferro Manganese factory Brief introduction: Low carbon ferromanganese is mainly composed of manganese, iron two elements of the alloy, ferromanganese is the most used in the production of a deoxidizer and alloying materials. It is made from manganese ore which is smelted in blast furnaces and electric furnaces. The density of manganese is 7.43 g/cm3, with a melting point of 1245鈩?and a boiling point of 2150鈩? Manganese and oxygen have a great affinity, and can form stable manganese oxide with oxygen. In addition, as an alloying element additive, ferromanganese can enhance the hardness, ductility, toughness and wear resistance of steel. It is widely used in structural steel, tool steel, stainless heat resistant steel, wear resistant steel and other alloy steel. Manganese also desulfurizes and reduces the harmful effects of sulfur. Use of low carbon ferromanganese this product is the main raw material for the production of stainless steel, high temperature heat resistant steel, structural steel, tool steel and other special steel and electrode. Low — carbon ferromanganese index modelChemical composition(%) MnCSiSP 鈮?/p>鈮?/p> FeMn85C0. FeMn80C0.480. FeMn78C1. FeMn78C1.578. FeMn75C2. Manganese factory website:http://www.ffalloy.com/ferro-alloy/ferro-manganese/