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Customized Machining Service What is CNC turning services锛?/h5> CNC turning is a high-precision, efficient material reduction manufacturing process in which a cutting tool is fixed to the turned workpiece to remove material and obtain the desired part. If a CNC turning center has only one turret, all the work can be done from one side, but some turning centers have a main spindle and a sub-spindle for faster operation. With this configuration, the spindle partially machines the workpiece and then moves the workpiece to the subspindle to complete the job on the other side of the part. The speed of CNC turning makes it an ideal process for mass production with short lead times. What parts can we make? The CNC turning process is best suited for cylindrical raw materials. However, some manufacturers also use it for hexagonal and square workpieces. In general, the process is well suited for high volume production with short lead times. It is used to support a variety of industries, such as: 路Electrical industry 路Electrical discharge machining 路Materials manufacturing 路Metal removal CNC turning makes parts used in the automotive, medical, optical, aerospace and power industries, among others. Types and sizes of materials that we can be processed Aluminum AlloyStainless SteelCopperSteelOther Materials1060201H62Q235-FCorrugated Steel Sheets 6061-T6/T5303H65Q255Fluorocarbon color steel 6063304H6816MnEmbossed panels 5052-O316H9012CrMoGalvanized steel sheet 5083316LC10100#45Customized Metal Sheet 5754420C11000 7075430C12000 2A12440C51100 Thickness0.6mm-200mm0.05mm-300mm0.5mm-6mm0.5mm-500mm Size1220mm*2440mm1220mm*2440mm1200mm*4000mm1500mm*6000mm Tolerance10渭m Advantages of CNC turning services High Precision. CNC turning machines can perform precise measurements and eliminate human error using CAD or CAM files, often achieving accuracy of several microns. High efficiency. When performing tasks programmed on a CNC lathe or turning center, the likelihood of error is low, so parts can be made quickly, especially for high-volume parts. Flexibility. Turning centers are available in a wide range of sizes to suit the flexibility of your application, and CNC turning can handle parts of all sizes and shapes, from a few millimeters to several meters. Our CNC turning services Our ability to handle large and small parts and a range of value-added services make us a trusted supplier. We can handle prototyping, mass production and everything in between. Customized Machining Service website: