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ChinaWiresSuppliers A high-strength core wire and a perforated steel strip with sharp barbs evenly spaced at close intervals make up the razor barbed wire. The razor tape is cold pressed onto a spring steel core before being wrapped into rolls for easier transport. Coils and blades come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit various settings. Cutting wires with a manual device is quite difficult. The rebar makes it tough to twist while the barbs are piercing and grasping. Benefits Intruders are deterred from climbing the fence or walls by this excellent deterrent. The long lifetime is ensured by a variety of materials and corrosion resistance coatings. Installation is simple and does not necessitate the use of sophisticated machines or tools. On demand, a wide range of configurations and materials are available, each with a distinct level of protection for your projects. 1. Product main image 2. Factory Picture 3. Quality Inspection 4. Packaging Display 5. Certification 6. Modes of TransportationChinaWiresSuppliers website: