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China Sandblasting Media Our Glass beads blasting is made from white flat glass, it is a spherical abrasive manufactured from chemically inert soda lime glass. Glass microsphere produce a bright satin finish, finer beads produce a smoother non glare finish, while larger beads produce a deeper textured finish. Blasting with Glass Bead does not produce any dimension changes to the part base surface. Advantages: -Blasting removes many types of surface imperfections, including burrs, rust, oxidation, corrosion and paint, resulting in a brightly polished matte type finish, without damaging the metal, cleaning, deburring, peening and finishing can all be performed in one operation. -Retroreflective highway signs and lane markers (PPM) use retroreflective paints containing glass beads, which turn the light around and send it back in the direction of your headlights. The glass beads abrasive used as sandblasting materials have the characteristics of transparency, hardness and toughness, they are made of soda lime silica glass. The appearance of glass beads is clean and transparent, without obvious air bubbles and impurities. 1. It is for sandblasting that can be used for cleaning circuit boards, plastic sealing tubes and removing burrs before tinning. 2. It is for sandblasting that can be used to clean various molds such as punching, segment pressing, glass, rubber plastic, metal casting, extrusion, etc. 3. It is for sandblasting that can remove blockages in pistons and cylinders. Provides a bright semi-matte finish for medical mechanical tools and automotive components. 4. It is for sandblasting that can be used to clean motors, coils during overhaul, brush rotors and other parts, and can be used to clean and deburr various metal pipes and non-ferrous metal precision casting. 5. It is for sandblasting that can eliminate tensile stress, increase fatigue life and improve stress corrosion resistance. Such as: aircraft engine turbines, blades, shafts, landing gear, various springs, gear hydraulic parts, etc. Sizes: 45-90um, 75-150um, 90-150um, 70-110um, 100-200um, 150-250um, 200-300um, 300-400um, 425-600um. 1-1.5mm, 1.5-2mm, 2-2.5mm, 3-4mm, 4-5mm, 5-6mm Applications: Shot peening, Blasting cleaning, Road marking, Surface finishing, Metal preparation, Deburring, Coating removal Glass beads blasting data sheet: ItemsStandard (%) SiO272.00-73.00 Na2O13.30-14.30 K2O0.2-0.6 CaO7.2-9.2 MgO3.5-4.0 FE2O30.08-0.11 Al2O30.8-2.0 Hardness6-7Mohs True Specific Gravity2.5g/cm鲁 Bulk Density1.5g/cm鲁 Refractive Index1.5 Spherical Beads鈮?0%China Sandblasting Media website: