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China Cartoning Machine manufacturers Automatic Vertical Cartoner PLK-120LZ Picture Of The MachineDesigned to automatically erect and close cartons with tuck or optional glue closure. Suitable for a range of products and available with dedicated feeders for blisters, sachets, bottles, vials etc. Features 鈼?Conforms to cGMP standards 鈼?Industrial PLC Control with HMI 鈼?Frame of Electroless Nickel Plated Steel, external panels stainless steel 鈼?Fully adjustable throughout size range with digital position indicators 鈼?Simple and quick size change by adjustment with digital position indicators 鈼?Carton transport belt adjustable without change parts (manually) 鈼?Carton magazine with low carton level detection and alarm 鈼?Carton pick-off with multiple vacuum cups on two arms with erection control sensor 鈼?Pusher fail safe with machine stop in event product jam 鈼?Product presence detection inside infeed 鈼?Fully guarded with safety interlocks and E stop 鈼?Geared drive with torque limiter for protection of drive components 鈼糀utomatically reject lacking of package product and leaflet. 鈼糀utomatically display trouble, Alarm and count finished products. 鈼糞afety Interlocks 鈼?Electronic inverter speed control 鈼?Running cycles display 鈼?Low air pressure alarm 鈼?Remote control inch (jog) lead 鈼?Discharge conveyor 鈼?Recommended spare parts for one year Technical Specification Mechanical speed:Mechanical speed up to 40-60 Carton/min Quality requirement for the carton:250-350g/m2 Base on carton size Industrial PLC control:Siemens (Germany) HMI touch screen:Siemens (Germany) Electrics:220/50/3pH, N Power Consumption:5 kW/hr Compressed Air:6 kg/cm2 Air Consumption:200-240L/min Overall dimensions:2880 x 1140 x 1800mm (L x W x H) Weight:3400 kgs (approx.) Carton size range: A:35-85 mm B:12-45 mm C:60-150 mm NOTE The scope of supply in this quotation include 1 x set of carton change parts (standard) unless otherwise stated. Any additional size change parts/format parts will be supplied at cost (see optional). Machine Details Component List NONameModel and SpecificationPlace of Origin or BrandQty 1Main MotorR17DT80N4 750w//220V/380VGermany SEW1 2Frequency ConverterFC-051P1K5T4Denmark Danfoss1 3BreakerDZ47-D63/4PChinese Yaohua1 4BreakerDZ47-D63/1PChinese Yaohua2 5Switch PowerNES-100-24VTaiwan Mingwei1 6Power SwitchT0-2-1/EA/SVBGermany Queensway Moeller1 7Emergency Stop ButtonZB2-BE102CFrance Schneider1 8RelayMY2NJ/24VDCJapan Omron3 9Touch ScreenSMART700Germany Siemens1 10PLCSMART ST40Germany Siemens1 11CoderE6B2-CWZ6CJapan Omron1 12Optical Fiber AmplifierE3X-NA11Japan Omron8 13Optical FiberE32-ZD200Japan Omron8 14Photoelectric SwitchD-73277Germany Leuze2 15Proximity Switch1M12-4NNSGermany Sick1 16Filter Pressure Reduce ValveAW30-03EJapan SMC1 17Electromagnetic Valve(Reject)VQ21A1-5G-C8Japan SMC2 18Electromagnetic ValveVQ2321-5G1-02Japan SMC1 19SilencerAN402-04Japan SMC2 20vacuum generatorZH20DS-03-04-04Japan SMC2 21Ac Speed ControllerUS620002WanLi2 22Ac Motor100YYJR-200WWanLi2 23Air CylinderMAL16/75Kaogeer1 24Moving GuiderBRH22B1L340NZO1Tainwan ABBA1 25Magnetic SwitchCS1-SAOTAI1 26Pressure SwitchQPM11-N0AEK1 Machine PictureChina Cartoning Machine manufacturers website: