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Buy Deep Drawing Mould What is deep drawing forming stamping parts Deep drawing stamping is a special stamping method. The principle is to exert external force on plates, strips, pipes and profiles by pressing machines and dies to produce plastic deformation or separation, thus, the workpiece (stamping part) of the desired shape and size is obtained. However, deep drawing stamping is quite different from common continuous stamping and single action stamping. The first is the mold. The mold consists of punch and concave mold. One station and one pair of mold can reach up to 18 stations. When designing the mold, we usually consider using all stations, in this way, the molding of each step of the product is more stable and the effect of the product is better; The second is the material belt, and the deep drawing stamping process is no material belt transmission, and the product exists alone in the mold, the built-in manipulator can be transferred between stations and can be reversed at will, which enables us to form relatively complex shape features, such as thread, side hole, side tank, reverse stretching of end face, etc, can produce all kinds of products. Compared with machining parts, casting parts, molded parts and ordinary stamping parts, it has obvious advantages such as saving material cost, reducing waste, reducing assembly cost and time, etc, by improving the appearance structure of the product to meet the requirements and retain its own strength, the raw materials are effectively utilized to minimize the waste rate. New technology: hydraulic deep stretching in hydraulic deep stretching technology, parts are placed in a rigid mold with additional device of pressurized liquid medium, and the mold consists of a pressure chamber and a lower mold, by hydraulic mold closing, the pressure chamber is sealed by polyurethane seal, and pressurized to the liquid medium to finally make the blank reach the required geometry. Another advantage is that a lot of time is saved, and hydraulic deep stretching greatly reduces the cost of production and mold development by Yida. The further advantage is that the product surface quality is extremely high, especially for spherical parts. Its investment is also relatively low, because the new technology can take advantage of the original hydraulic press, add a hydraulic unit and simple mold change. Another different technology from the hydraulic deep stretching technology that has been used several times is Hydraulic Mechanical deep stretching. In this technology, parts are fixed on eccentric swage. The advantage is that parts also come into contact with liquid. QUICK DETAILS: Application: Hotel, Commercial, Household Power Source: Electric Housing Material: stainless steel Certification: ISO9001 Place of Origin: Shangdong, China Brand Name: Yida Material: Metal Usage: Vehicle, Auto parts, family use etc Packaging & Delivery: Packaging details: 鈥uter packaging: In plywood case 鈥nner packaging: Stretching films 鈥r at customer鈥檚 requirement Q: How your quality guarantee? A: We have 100% quality guarantee to customers. We will be responsible for any quality problem. Q: What is payment term? A: 30% down payment before producing and 70% balance payment before shipping. Q: What is the delivery time? A: In general, the mold delivery time is about 45 days. For metal part, lead time is about 10-15 days. Q: Can the mold or metal product be customized as our need, such as put on our logo? A: Surely it can be customized as your need, Put on your logo is also available.Buy Deep Drawing Mould website: